Public Relations People, You’re a Bridge

I always love to keep things simple and explain many things in a simple way. So i thought that one of the best way to explain something that is commonly hard to define or misunderstood is (i believe) through storytelling. Instead of trying to implant a few definition in your mind, it will be more effective if you could understand the original meaning of it. Now, we talking about Public Relations. You may say public relations is a social-science, or communication terms, or a company way to throw the money, or a professional image-builder, or one of glamorous profession, or maybe just another division in your office- you named it. But what is exactly this PR? what they actually have to do? and how they should do it?

Now let me give you a glimpse about Public Relations. Basically, PR working like a bridge. Whether for PR in the company, personal PR, PR consultant, etc. They have this sacred duty to connect (the company, the person they’d like to promote, the client, etc.) with the public. The public itself will depend on who is the target audience. Cause we are not doing public relations for random people or for whoever defined as human on this earth, oh no baby, not like that. We do have our target. And it will set clearly before we start doing this PR thing. Public relations is also about strategy to win over people’s heart and favor. Of course with a several tactics and measurable goals.

I already said to you that PR working like a bridge. And if you now working as public relations in the company, as pr consultant in a PR firm or maybe you’re PR for government (which is cool), then you’re somehow like a bridge. Your main job is connecting this one with that one. It is like your right hand holding on with your company and your other hand holding on to your public. And so you have to be the best bridge that ever build this entire world to make them still connected. What it takes to be the best bridge? Well, logically it is strong, bold, beautifully design, and it could be include have an amazing view. Think about Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Tower Bridge in London, or Sydney Harbour Bridge in Sydney, they’re all so bold, strong and beautiful. And not just uses as a bridge that connect roads, they’re also like a one of the landmarks for the city.




Now back to our PR explanation, since you’re working like a bridge, then let’s be a great great bridge people won’t to forget about. Since your main duty is to connect, so you have to make a lot of connection with people. A wide of various networking from media, to community, government, expertise, practitioners, celebrity, opinion leader, influencers, political people, researcher, etc. Have a large networks will help your work as a PR, since this business is also about people. After that, keep the relation as good as the most exquisite medium-well wagyu/kobe rib steak in the world. Keep it tender, juicy and valuable. Simply said, be a good friend to your network. It works all the time.

After that, be creative as possible. As a public relations you will not always have a tremendous budget for your activity. So, doing creative PR work will help you to reach the goals even with minimum budget. Pour it all in your strategic plan. And make your boss or client impress by how creative you are. And then, here comes the tactics. The playground to implement your strategic plan. The key of every successful PR activity is on its tactics. Remember how James Bond act to catch the bad guy. It is agile but charming at the same time, isn’t it? So yeah let’s do it that way.


As a PR you have to create harmony between the company and the public (the basic of PR). The public should understood the company purpose of existence and support it. And PR is responsible for it. So if you want to be a good PR,  remember to be a bold and beautifully design bridge that could bring wonderful view for people who passes it, keep your network tender, juicy and valuable, be creative as possible and be agile but charming at the same time.



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